Recording Prep

Are you about to studio record? Singing within the setting of a recording studio is a great opportunity and certainly not one to miss, but can also be daunting for those embarking upon such a project for the first time. The voice, sounds and feels rather differently through the unfamiliar territory of ear phones and achieveing a sound which pleases you personally, can present challenges.

Pre-recording sessions
A pre-recording session, gives you a pre-run and feel for the sound environment you will experience when working on a studio recording. You will have an opportunity to listen to recordings of your voice and make all important adjustments prior to the ‘actual’ day of recording. Doing this, saves you both time and money and can serve to make larger projects less laboured and long.

Recording Studio Singing direction
Guidance is always reassuring when you want to achieve a sound recording you are happy with. Having a professional ear and clear musical direction brings out the best in a project, so if you are embarking upon a demo or first CD recording, this consultation and coaching service will be particularly helpful to your progress and the final result.