Teenagers 13 – 19

Teenagers are wonderfully diverse! They possess so much enthusiasm and stamina, way beyond other age brackets. Teenagers grow quickly in their ever increasing ability to entertain, and the current school curriculem certainly plays a vital role in this growth. Being a teenager is not without it ‘hang-ups’ and so, singing tuition is very specifically highly motivaional, offering creative and enjoyable instruction for all musical/dramatic challenges.

Grade Singing (See links below)
Working towards graded examinations during these developmental years is indeed, very fruitful. The maturing ability to learn, works speedily in conjunction with musical education and this is especially true in singing. A ‘stepping-stone’ approach to graded exams means that a teenager can enter into singing and music studies at a level which suits his/her own particular ability.

Intermediate Grades 3 – 5 support school curriculem from Key Stage 3 up to and including GCSE level. Advanced Grades 6 – 8 continue this pattern, giving both support and weight to A-level results. Currently, UCCAS recognise and have accredited Advanced Grades within their points system for university entry, so giving the young prospective student a preferential edge for entry onto university/conservatoire studies.

GCSE and A-level Support
Teenagers working towards GCSE and A-levels, appreciate additional tuition and support, particularly during the school Spring term (Jan-April) as the examination dates and study leave loom. Support tuition is specifically for students either singing or instrumental, who wish to have support with study proceedures, assistance with composition and methods in research and writing. Careful analysis of set works, and for singers, suitable song selection for performances are all ’part-and parcel’ of the lesson plan. Most importantly, the structured yet relaxed nature of these lessons allows a teenager a little ‘leg-room’ for individual inventiveness, boosting self-esteem and exam confidence.

Diploma/Audition preparation
For those teens who have excelled in singing or shown exceptional skill and ability, private diploma studies provide a useful challenge. Attainment of a diploma assures of a maturing musial ability and is particularly desirable for older teenagers seeking to move into full-time Conservatoire/Specialist Music training. Auditions for such courses of study can seem daunting, and obtaining the correct advice is always essential. With these occasions in mind, an older teenager can embark upon singing tution which is aimed towards Royal Schools standards of entry. Honesty, and professional advice is always the benchmark of these important preperatory lessons.

Examination Boards:-
The Associated Boards of The Royal Schools of Music

Trinity Guildhall, London