Children Age 8 – 12

“Children love singing! A Child needs a secure rapport with their teacher, they need to feel the fun of music making, coupled with the balance of simple structure. Here, they can feel safe to explore and to develop sounds, boosting self-esteem and promoting individual learning.”

Leisure Singing
There are times when a child (younger or older) is happier to experiment with sound, without pressure. In this way, the focus of a lesson leans more on experimental sound and feeling for inner security. This natural vocal and physical security is where your child will grow in ’stage presense,’ a perception which serves to enhance communication and relationships. Confidence is free to mature in this environment and it is not uncommon for a child to become expressively assured.

Graded Singing Lessons (See links below)
In addition to continued nurturing in music/singing education, graded tuition provides children with accredited and highly recognised ’stepping stones’ in singing and theory achievement. Levels begin with ‘fun’ elimentary stages, establishing your child’s motivation, climbing gradually and according to their individual ability. A broad spectrum of examination boards exist for the assesment of singing from Modern Contemporary music to Classical and Music Theatre styles. A decision to follow in this route is both progressive and highly enjoyable.

Supported Music Education
It is never more true, that there is more to singing than ‘singing’ and for every child to who attends lessons, eductaion in music will feature as a structured part of their learning. All within the singing lesson is multi-sensory and carefully directed towards a ‘feelingful’ approach (a more suitable style of music tuition for children). A child will learn the rudiments of rhyme, rhythm and phrase, providing them with a more secured listening ability and musical flare.