Child Age 8 - 12

Children enjoy developing their musical ears, vocal sounds and expression, boosting self-esteem and promoting the confidence to perform.


Tuition is highly motivaional, complimentary of school and further education and offers creative instruction for all musical/dramatic singing aspirations.


A more ‘tailored’ approach, you can feel assured that you will be coached professionally and within a relaxed and helpful environment.

Recording Prep

Helping you prepare ‘your vocal sound’ for a recording session!

Theory / Musicianship

Individual/group sessions teaching written theory of music – a compulsory knowledge for any ‘post-grade six’ budding musician.

  • What can I say about Sylvia Burnside?! Well – if you’re feeling exhausted after a hard day at work, then there’s nothing like a singing lesson with Sylvia to re-energise you! I am really thankful to have had the opportunity to be taught by Sylvia. She has helped to develop my technique, build up my confidence and increase my enjoyment of singing through her energy and enthusiasm. She has the ability to share her depth of knowledge and skill in a way that is easy to understand and I have really appreciated the time that she has invested in me to help me to improve.

    Diane Carson
  • I have been attending singing lessons with Sylvia Burnside now for a few years. The progress I have made over these years from the time of starting lessons with her is unbelievable. Sylvia is a wonderful vocal tutor; she is brilliant at improving my vocals and has greatly enhanced my confidence levels, assuring me of my own ability to perform.

    Rebekkah Cubitt
  • Sylvia has been teaching singing in Ballymena for over 10 years. She also sings as a soloist with the New Irish Arts all over Ireland. She has the experience of teaching singing to children and adults of all ages and abilities and loves to share her passion for singing with her students.

    Nigel Neill
  • “After only a few lessons with Sylvia, you can already hear the difference and she teaches you in a very encouraging way”

    Natalie Cook
  • “Sylvia trained a group of us for our worship group ministry. As a very professional and talented singer she brought the best out of us, whilst, at the same time, making it fun to learn.”

    Errol Hutchinson
  • I thoroughly enjoy my visits to Sylvia. Her dedication and warm hearted approach to the lessons makes it fun to learn. Nothing is too difficult or too much bother when I asked her to help me with the music from my 2 choirs.

    Lynn McBurney
  • I first went to Sylvia in my last year of school with no singing experience whatsoever, having only studied piano and music theory previously. I really hadn’t expected to achieve as much in such a small period of time. However, within just 10 months of Sylvia’s coaching and guidance I managed to pass my Grade 8 singing exam! She boosted my confidence, encouraged me to push my ability to the max. Within no time I was singing Italian opera and German Leider. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my singing classes and would highly recommend Sylvia as a singing teacher to anyone!

    David Ross
  • Your singing brought such a warmth to BBC Radio Ulster’s “Burns Night” celebrations and you were a pleasure to work with. As well as delighting the audience on the night of the recording, your contribution bought many favorable comments after the broadcast. I really hope we get to hear a lot more of you!

    Etta Halliday
  • “Sylvia’s singing transports you into another world. Her pure control and resonance makes singing sound effortless. Her naturally ability and professional skill have been enhanced by her many years of experience throughout the UK and Ireland as a singer and voice tutor/coach. Her bubbly personality and great sense of humour mixed with professional skill makes her a joy to work with. Here’s someone who makes singing fun!”

    David Porter
  • Have known Sylvia for several years now and have had the pleasure of listening to her singing live and on cd. Sylvia has a very sincere gift in this field and comes highly commended. Her singing has touched the hearts of many listeners and i know will touch numerous more in the near future. Gifted by god to worship and equip people to achieve their highest potential.

  • ‘Everything that Sylvia does is committed, thorough and professional. She is also an outstanding and entertaining performer.’

    Tiona Sweeney
  • I have been a student of Sylvia Burnside’s for three years every lesson has been a joy as I have learnt so much . Sylvia makes theory as well as singing fun – she has so much passion and energy in her teaching and nothing is too big a challenge , she has so much patience and understanding, and has a unbelievable singing voice herself . My own vocal range and confidence has improved so much through Sylvia’s tuition and belief in my capabilities and with her support and guidance, I now realise that teaching is what to do.

    Angela Convery
  • “Sylvia put me right at ease from my initial singing audition… and now after only 2 years I’m working towards grade 6… and hoping to maintain the “Burnside Stretch” and get another distinction! Her use of vocal techniques, vocal exercises and just the general wealth of knowledge she has and uses is incredible. Her laid back teaching style means I head to my lessons knowing it’ll be fun, and that I will learn so much!. My singing and my confidence has improved considerably and I know without a doubt I have her to thank for that!… Thanks Sylvia xx”

    Natasha Caleton
  • Sylvia Burnside has been an inspiration to her singing pupils in this school. Her enthusiasm for and understanding of singing in all its forms from Classical to Music Theatre has lifted solo performances in our school productions from good to outstanding.

    Mr. Samuel Moreland
  • Sylvia Burnside is a prolific solo performer in the concerts of the New Irish Choir and Orchestra. She is a highly versatile vocalist, equipped with a beautiful lyrical voice which can move with ease through classical, gospel and ballad styles. But it is her ability to connect with the listening audience which really sets her apart as a special talent. She communicates songs with the kind of ease that makes an audience feel relaxed even before the first phrase is complete. She has a beautiful sense of style and phrase which allows her to be both musical and passionate at the same time. It is a great pleasure to work with her on a regular basis and I have no hesitation in endorsing her new singing method.

    Jonathan Rea
  • Hugely enthusiastic and knowledgable, Sylvia works with a strong fusion of inspiration and the wellbeing of others at her heart. A skillful, sensitive musician and teacher whose love for her subject and her art shines through!

    Lynn BusbySpecialist Speach & Language Therapist